Thursday, May 28, 2009

What can you do this summer about climate change?

Dear children,

In just a few weeks American children will be enjoying summer vacation, while children in the Southern Hemisphere, including Brazil, usually have some vacation time in July. Let's think about some of the things you can do to help the planet while you're away from school.

I'll start today with transportation, because driving a car (or a motor home) burns more fossil fuels per person than when you take public transportaion:

Explore the public transportation system in your area. See where all you can go on the local buses or trains. Find routes that will take you to the beach or to parks where you can hike or swim.

Get around without using any fossil fuels - you can walk of ride a bike instead of riding in a car. Walking or biking can be a fun way to spend the day, and it's good for your health too.

Try to help your family use the car less by doing many errands at the same time, or walking instead of driving if it's not too far. You can make suggestions - if your parents don't accept your ideas don't get upset. Just do the best you can.

Report back to this blog in the comment section to share what you do.

Next time I'll write about other ways to enjoy the summer as a good global warming activist.

Love, Nana Greta


Christina A. said...

What I do it home is I have 2 trash can's. One is for regular trash, and the other one is for recyleing. My mon says " If you are done with anything you could recyle or something plastic, put it in the bin that says recycle" Oh and today in school, we talked about thing's that are ruining the planet like golf courses, and leaving trash on the ground.

- Christina

Stephanie said...

We recycle a lot. We recycle a ton of plastic and newspapers. And our school recycles a lot of paper too. We use paper a lot.