Thursday, December 17, 2009

From the Pan American School of Bahia

Today I am visiting the school in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where my daughter Sofia Hart teaches 5th grade. I've already met some of the really sweet and cute students here, and am looking forward to meeting others when I talk with the classes later: two of Miss Sofia's classes and one of Ms. Anne's classes.

I am so thrilled that the students read my blog and wrote messages to me. This children's blog was one of the best things about my Climate Walk. I would like to continue receiving messages from children and I will try to write more interesting things about the environment and the people and creatures that are affected by Climate Change.

Love, Nana Greta


Ms. Anne said...

WoW! It was such a treat to have you come to our classroom today. It was a beautiful experience to have everyone in a circle, listening, sharing ideas, and learning about your experience. I am so glad we can keep in touch through your blog. I hope you enjoy your stay in Salvador. Sofia is such an amazing person and it has been incredible getting to know her. I look forward to keeping up with your blog. When you get the chance, check out our class blog!

Chiuhaua said...

Your blog is geting so cooooooooooooooooooooool
i lved how you came to our classroom today. You helped me so much. I will plant four trees at my house. I think I will do the same walk that you did when I grow up! See you soon! And visit my blog when you can!

Karen said...

Hi Greta,
My name is Karen Buck, of Malden, MA. My daughter, Kristina, studied with your daughter (4th grade)! We almost met, but you were stuck at a railroad station for hours because of a snowstorm. I'm hoping that you are still in Brazil and that you can give Sofia a hug from all of us! Thank you for all of your treads, bringing awareness of the importance on preserving our climate. The number of skeptics are increasing...I would love to hear some of your replies to the skeptics or if you post comments on blogs...I stutter and fluster...and just say, "how can pollution be good?". I run the green team at Forestdale School. I'm not sure if you will ever be this way...but, if would be fabulous to have you speak at an assembly of students or the like. You may reach me at 781.321.7753.
Again, my regards to Sofia - I can't find her gmail account. Thanks again for all of your great work.
Karen Buck, concerned Forestdale School Parent

Greta said...

Dear Karen,
I'm finally checking this blog after many weeks of travel and rest. How nice of you to leave this comment. Sofia saw it and told me that you had written.
I hope to be in the Boston area in late March/early April. Perhaps I could speak to your students then. I'll give you a call.
Best regards,