Monday, April 27, 2009

Children from Chapel School in São Paulo, Brazil - and all the children that usually read this blog

Dear Children -

Today I am happy to respond to the second-graders at Chapel. First of all, I am so proud of you for celebrating Earth Day and paying attention to Global Warming. Thank you for using some of my photos and calling attention to my WALK. It makes me feel very special and encourages me to keep walking. 

I want to answer your questions:

- "How is the temperature in the state where you are now?" 
It is Spring, and in Alabama the flowers are blooming and the trees have filled out with leaves. I had some very cold nights, below freezing, in the first part of April but now it's in the 50's at night and in the 70's and 80's in the daytime. Soon it will be so hot that I will try to do most of my walking early in the morning and in the late afternoon and evening. 

- "Is there much pollution where you are today?" 
Actually, I haven't noticed much pollution along the way as I've walked. The air seems clear and often I smell the flowers. However usually the streams and rivers look quite dirty and full of litter, and sometimes I worry about all the fumes from the trucks and cars that rush by me.

- "Are you feeling tired?" 
I haven't felt tired. Sometimes, especially the first few weeks, my body would ache after I walked several miles. I had to learn to deal with sore muscles, but now I feel invigorated and energetic. It's wonderful to get up and walk every day.

"What's the most beautiful place that you've passed so far?" 
I'm posting 5 photographs of pretty places I saw as I walked. I can't think of any spectacular place along my journey, but Spring is a beautiful time and I often stop to appreciate flowers and trees, rivers and fields.

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Second Graders - Chapel School said...

Good Morning Greta,
Our class was overjoyed to hear your responses to our questions. We are preparing yet another bulletin board for the main corridor of our school this week. The students will be writing their thoughts about how they can actively participate in the cause for helping our environment.

Keep your photos coming! We will be decorating the bulletin board with our correspondences with you and of course all the wonderful information and pictures and dialogue from your blog. You have inspired us to share your story and commitment to Global Warming with our teachers, parents and 300 schoolmates in the elementary school at Chapel (Brazil)

We will send you photos when the BB is complete! Have a great day, Keep smiling!!

Ms. Karla and her Second Graders