Thursday, April 16, 2009

Beautiful Alabama countryside

Dear Children -

I've walked more than 250 miles now! Today I saw a sheep farm, and yesterday I had breakfast in my motor home where I could look at the beautiful cows below.

Can anyone guess why I took the photograph below? I was excited because I saw something really good for climate change, for the first time on my walk.
And isn't this tree just perfect? I hope it can survive for many years to come.
I'm going home to Pennsylvania tomorrow, riding the train, which is a good way to travel if you're worried about global warming. In two weeks I'll be back in Alabama ready to walk some more.

Love, Nana Greta


Christina said...

Wow you've walked a loooong way!!!!!!


Stephanie said...

wow good for you! You take amazing pictures!

britney said...

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