Friday, July 3, 2009

Some photos from Northern Virginia

Dear Children,

By now you should know that I love animals and flowers and little houses. This cow reminds me of the longhorns I saw in Alabama.

These white flowers line the road like sentinels keeping track of who is passing by.

Who wants to move into this little house with me? I think it didn't cost very much to make it, but I like the way it looks. And see the dog in the cage next to it? He barked loudly at me.

Did you know that you can eat the buds of day lilies, the orange flowers below? My husband taught me that. I picked some and fried them in olive oil, added tomatoes, salt and pepper, and then broke two eggs into the pan. An excellent supper with brown rice!

These flowers remind me of bells; they looked so pretty in front of a little restaurant in a village.

Happy 4th of July!

Love, Nana Greta


Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta I was disapointed that you didnt write to me, but I still apreciate reading your blog. Especialy when you are alomost finishing your grand walk, you are just like any famous person that would risk their life. But you are the most coragious because you are doing it in that age! I really really really apreciate what you are doing for the world.
your friend Igor
teacher Ms. Hart
assistant Mr. Julian
PS:You are now an idol

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana,
It's very nice to hear form you, you are fantastic, When I grow up I want to just like you Fantastic!!! But not do what you are doing, for real this is incredibal but I would like to be an actress very famous and I will need to be carefull to not be rude to other persons and be very bad. I want to be very important to the world, someone especil that takes care of the world and to be very nice to others, because when I was like 8 years old a very great tennis play told me some thing that i need to study a lot so when i grow up don't depend in other man.
By : Steph