Sunday, July 26, 2009

More photos from Pennsylvania

Dear Children -

I'm sure you've seen murals in your towns - this is a mural in Duncannon, Pennsylvania, and I'm trying to climb into the mural so that I can go hiking in that magical place.

This little nest built among the reeds of grass amazed me. When I look closely at the photo I think I see the little head of a baby bird. What do you think?

Remember my husband, Guy? He joined me and walked five days with me.

We saw this sign and wondered how many rooms there are for rent in the little cart. Maybe they're renting rooms to rabbits and birds.

I love the sight of this little town across the Susquehanna River. It looks so peaceful.

I hope you're having a great vacation.

Love, Nana Greta


Anonymous said...

dear nana greta it is the third time I am writing to you and you did not write back to me. I dont know why you are not writing to me.
Igor 5A
Assistant: Mr.Julian

Anonymous said...

Hy again Nana Greta,
it's so sad to know that you are at home, but it's good to now that you are sfe at home it was a great pleasure to now your work.
By: Steph.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Nana Greta
It is sad know that you will stop walking
and you will not talk with us but you can
come to our school Pan American School to visit us. You will come here at shool what day?

By Rone