Thursday, August 6, 2009

My final State: New York

Dear Children,

See if you can name the eight states I've walked through by now. The list is at the bottom of this posting. Now I'm walking through the last state on my journey, the state of New York. This weekend I'll walk through the city of Syracuse.

This is a busy time in the countryside. These silos are where the harvest is stored in the winter months.

Hay is one of the main crops in this area. It is long grass that is dried and bundled for the cows, horses and pigs to eat in the winter when there is no fresh grass. All those white things are bales of hay covered in plastic to keep them dry.

This machine takes the big rolled up bale of hay and wraps it tight in plastic. See the roll of plastic underneath. The hay has to be cut and dried and put away dry, so it's important to have a few days without any rain. The sunny days of August are perfect.

This cat had such shiny green eyes when I spotted it by the roadside - it was probably looking for a mouse or bird. Farmers often keep cats to hunt the mice that eat away at the corn and other grains.

And these beautiful scarecrows are supposed to scare the birds away so that they won't eat seeds and fruit from the garden.

What are you doing with your August days? Hope it's a great month for you.

Love, Nana Greta

States: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, (a tiny corner of Georgia that I'm not counting), Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania.


Anonymous said...

What neat pictures. I love the cat and the scarecrows! Thanks for answering the question I was asking myself as I see you walking into New York: How many States in all? Eight! Wow! Bete

Anonymous said...

u ROCK i don't no how you have legs for that if it were meh i couldn't leave town!!!!
sincerly, Ms. Herts stundent, Luiz H.

Anonymous said...

Hey Greta!!!
I think you really have many courage because it is really difficult to walk eight states alone. I really follow your example for keeping th world a better place. If I had a jipsy waggen, I would walk the whole world, or if I had the courage you have of course. I wouldn't even drive Bahia! I don't have any courage compared to you. I really appreciate what you are doing. I also appreciate the way you like the children. Ms. Hart is a very good person. She is fair in the class, which is the place I feel safe. I think she followed your example of a nice person. I hope you enjoy the rest of you trip!
With Love,

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
I live in Brazil, and i´m studing in Ms.Hart´s
class.I really admire what you are doing because it might save nature one day. I hope one day I could help nature like you do. I´m not liking what they are doing to the enviroment because they are polutting the water and killing animals and trees. I hope I can save my favorite animals the dolphins one day.
From:Pedro 5B

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
I'am a new student of Mss.Hart ,and I really apreceate what your doing.You are really a person who likes the enviroment!! Well I think that every one shold be doing something to the enviroment,but your giving a present for all of us your helping to save the planet.

love, Sabrina

Anonymous said...

Are you done?! OMG! You did it! Congrats!