Friday, August 21, 2009

A little message

This morning I am leaving the nice place on Lake George where I've spent a short vacation with family members, including my little granddaughter from Brazil. I will walk on Route 11 for the next eight days and arrive at the end of my journey on Saturday, August 29.

I received a wonderful batch of messages from a group of children in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. They put a big smile on my face and I loved their ideas and questions. Children from Bahia, I will respond to you as soon as possible, hopefully this weekend. It's not always easy to get on the internet, but I hope to find a library tomorrow where they have WiFi.

Now I must leave for the six hour trip back to where I stopped walking last Saturday.

Love, Nana Greta


Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
I am Maria Julia, from Miss Hart's class and I didnt had a chance to post a coment yet. Me,Gai,David and Anya are planing to tell people here at school about you. At my house I recicle paper, dont waste a lot of water and etc. I liked to know about what youre doing.
Miss Hart told us that youre almost done with you're walk I would like to join you in this walk.

Anonymous said...

Hi did you like walking ? Will you walk to your house? Miss.Hart said that you are almost done with your walk.How many more miles will you go until you are finished?

Mary Ann

Anonymous said...

Hi nana Greta
I am glad you are home safely I really liked youre job but it finished ,it really helped inviorment I would like if every one was like you I would like if every one helped the enviorment!!!
I wanted to know what you did with the coins I thout it was incredible yo find all this coins I thout it was a fun store
glad for you and for your job glad you are fine at your house

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,

I loved your blog, It’s ausome. Maybe your daughter will be my teacher next year. I think it was a great idea to do a blog of plants. Do you have this blog just for plants? I’ am 9 years old, I have 1 brother and 2 sisters my sisters are twins but they don’t live with me. I never went to the United States but on January I’ am going to Disney with all my family. I do 1 sport that is Tennis. Maybe one day you can come to Brazil to visit us.

Beatyriz Moreira