Sunday, August 23, 2009


A sunflower and some sheep.

A northern barn, built so that the snow can slide off the roof.

A river canyon in Watertown. Remember how there were no rocks down on the Gulf Coast of Louisiana. There certainly are rocks in Northern New York State.

I've seen many deer crossings but here is a cow crossing.

Dear Children -

This is a message to all the children who have been reading my blog, especially the new ones who posted so many new messages to me.

I have three dozen messages to respond to so this time I will write to everyone at once.

Luiz H., Cela, Pedro 5B, Sabrina, Lua, Luis, Felipe, Marco Silveira, Omar Abbas, Ana Maria, Bia, Marilia, Susan, Fernanda, Ivan, Juliana, Jaqueline, Maria Miguel, Julia, Larissa, Malu, Rafael, Stephanie, Melissa, Amanda, Alice, Rone, Jose Vitor, Billy and Cris, and Christina:

You all are so wonderful, you give me a great boost, new courage, and hope for the future.

Many of you said you would like to do what I'm doing - you would like to walk, to see the states in the US, to do something for the environment. Some of you thought you wouldn't have the courage or the will to walk so much. Let me tell you something: all of you will be able to something like this some day. You will have energy and courage for the things you really believe in. I hope you will have a safe and diversified world to live in, with animals for you to love and care for, and much beauty and wonder.

Here are some of the animals I've seen: deer, goats, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, squirrels, dogs, cats, a bear, wild turkeys, many kinds of birds, a snake, frogs, turtles. Unfortunately I've also seen animals that were run over by cars: armadillos, raccoons, opossums, and some of the ones I mentioned above.

I call my motor home a gypsy wagon because I've always liked to wander and I've admired the life of gypsies. I like to pretend that I'm a gypsy. Other things I call it are: motor home, van, RV, truck, vehicle.

About public transportation in Brazil: I can understand that sometimes the buses in big cities are not safe or comfortable. But it is wonderful in Brazil that you can get almost anywhere by bus, much more so than in the US. It's not good for everyone to have to have a car for everything they do, and I hope that we can work to improve public transportation here and in Brazil.

Some of you mentioned things you do at home to help the environment. That's excellent - keep doing what you can. It's good to be aware about not wasting water, electricity, paper, food.

I wish all of you could join me for a day. I'm getting very close to the end of my walk. I will send you some more photos, and I hope to hear from you again.

Love, Nana Greta


Anonymous said...

Nana Greta,
Thank you for reading and responding to me. I wish you good luck and a safe, and confortable trip home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nana Greta,
thank you for responding.
Good luck!!


Anonymous said...

Nana Greta!!!!!
I had sended you a message but accidently i sended to March. My name is Anya. I would really love if you could go back to March and read it. How's your walk doing? Are you sad your walk is ending??
We had an idea of putting a big poster in the school( recycled papers) and pass to students this recycled papers telling them how to help the enviroment. Maybe a presentation. Hihihihi.
Thank you for reading ,my message.
Kisses Anya

P.S Post me another message please.

Anonymous said...

Hello. I think the end of your walk will be a great Birthday Present! because my Birthday is on Auguat 29! I hope that you get to the end of your trip safely.


Anonymous said...

NAna GrEtA,
Ive already posted and my name is Guilherme.At home im doing everything to not waste energy.
I like computer alot so everytime i finish playing I turn it off.HOPE YOU GET HOME SAFELY!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana Greta thank you for your letter .I´m very happy because in the world they are not a lot of person that save the planet.

thank you very much Melissa

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
A few days ago I made a picture out of recycled paper! Also in May I made a mothers day gift out of a water bottle and some cardboard. I love making recycled art!!
Katie :)

Anonymous said...

Hey!! It´s me again, Anabela! by the way... I hope your walk has showed many peple to try to save the enviorment.Poor animals, I just LOVE animals!
bye, Anabela

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana Greta
I am Rani, me and my mom we are doing many things to help the envierment. I thought in doing what you did but we couldn't so we just made posters and put them in her friend´s condominium. When I grow up maybe I'm gonna do what you did.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
You are super!!! I loved you adventure. Thanks for reponding to me. At my house I showed the site to my mom, she loved you idea of saving the world by walking that much. At my house I am recycling and all my family is doing the same!!!
Are you stoping the site when you finish your journey???
DO NOT DO THAT, because i love your site and you could use it by asking us questions and our ideas about the global warming...

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana Greta,

I wanted to be in student council (stuco). So I said I would be part of the campaign. Well, long story short it ended up only me and David, a boy in my class, running so luckly both of us get to be in stuco. In stuco I plan on helping the school and some of the community. Write in your blog, please, somethings that i can do. I have some ideas but i would like to hear froma a pro, you. Please, help me help the inviorment. One of my ideas is telling the school how important the invorment is and how how some people, like you, give months just to help the world.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
I loved your massage, was very cool.
I have the same question, how many coins did you find!How many days you are walking?
I love your video too, I will love to live in the trailler because is like and house and
a car in the same time! Cool great and fantatic in the same time!!! Good Luck

By:Jose Vitor

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
Thanks so much for reading and responding my message. I so admire you for all your doing for our enviroment. So I had the idea of doing a booth were my clas(or at least some of my classmates) would give a panflet or something with ideas to help the Earth. Thanks again for responding,
With love , Alice.
Ps. It's good to know some people still care about the Earth!

Anonymous said...

Nana Greta,Don´t you just get mad when you see people throw trash on the ground?
I do. I hope they learn better because if they keep doing that a lot the whole world will become polluted! and every living thing will become sick!

love Anabela

Anonymous said...

Nana Greta,
My name is Gai,I wrote for you already but you didn't receive it because something went wrong when I tried to send it.
I was really sad cause you did't receive it, because I wrote to a huge page to you.
But is okay I hope that now you will recive it.
Okay, I just want to say that if I could go with you I would, because I think it is a really good thing to do.
It is really important too, to help the climate.
Me, Maria Julia, David and Anya, liked so much this climate thing that we wanted to help.
So we will put posters in the scool written:'HELP THE CLIMATE', with the best feeling ever.
We already talked to the principal and she let us do that,we will walk by the school and try to help you from here.
When I will grow up I want to be a actress, cause I love to do theater and I have a hope that I will be a really good actress when I grow up.
Ohhh and from what you said about the lights and the air conditionars and the computers I already talked to all my falmily about that, and we are helping you with all of that things.
I loved to write to you!!!!
I want to see you someday. You look like a very good person!
Kisses and Huges.

Anonymous said...

Reuse Reduce Recycle!!! :D''

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
Thanks for writing back to me!!!!
I'm doing everything I can to not waste water and energy like:I am always opening the windows so I don't need to turn on the light because the sun is my light. I'm taking my bath very fast and I aways turn off the water when I will brush my teeths. I wish you GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!
with love,

Anonymous said...

Nana Greta, My name is David, and I know you would be happy if I say that me and my freinds Gai,Maria Julia, and Anya are doing somethings to safe the earth here on school. For example getting paper or things on the flour. Or even find a way to learn things recicling. I'm also afraid to something happen with the earth. All the time I think that and I love my family and my freinds and the earth, but I know for shure somrthing, I will not let my family and my freinds die becouse the humans. I would like to walk with you but I amd just a boy called David Ferraz Machado with 10 years old. If I need I will do this walk you're doing but in all continents on earth. It could take my whole life but I would do everything to save the human beings to noot go extinct. We could pass this thing you did on tv and make that the whole world work together to save the world even the enemies countr'ies. I wish you a good trip and all the luck I can give to you. Ok put this thing on your mind ALL THE LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From David

Anonymous said...

p.s we have recicling bens in the school so that will help a lot

p.p.s please, help me help the inviorment

from larissa

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana Greta

When I grow up I think that I will be an engineer
but your job is great too. I liked that job very much. Or I could do that job that you are doing, Because it is cool exploreing!
To:nana Greta

Anonymous said...

Hi Greta,

I just wanted to say that I read your story on the New York Times and I'm fully supportive of your walk to raise awareness about global warming. Good luck with your endeavors! I agree that it is challenging to convince people to change their behaviors, but every little step counts.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,

I really liked your blog! I really wanted to meet you. I love plants and trees and I don’t like when many people cuts trees. The next year I will be with Sofia. I hope she is cool! We are studying in Science plants. I plant a plant but she is not growing. I am a forth grader I have 9 years old and I love love nature.