Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Check my progress map

Dear children -

Now you can see how far I've walked by going to this site: www.tinyurl.com/gretasprogress. It will be updated almost every day. I'll put a link to it on the right side of the blog so that you can get to it easily anytime you open the blog.

Nana Greta

PS - If the link in this entry doesn't work, try the same link in the column to the right. ➚


Christina said...

Ok- Im going to that site right now


britney said...

I was playing games online however for reading this post more interesting thanks for the share please do keep it going great job....Loving this.


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Anonymous said...

Nana Greta,
I love what you're doing, you're soo courageous! I also as a 10 year-old use recicled paper, do outside activities instead of watching tv,and read.(using public transportation isn't such a good idea in Brazil)The walk is a great idea. Good luck!!!

PS. My name is juliana and Ms. Hart is my teacher. I was born in MI and I am living in Brazil for one year and a half.