Thursday, March 19, 2009

Exercise or play

Someone asked how much exercise I do. I'm not very good at doing exercise, but I like to walk and play. Here I'm kicking a ball around on the beach of the Gulf Coast in Louisiana. 

This is the same beach where I made the little clay bowl and filled it with shells. 

If you like to exercise that's wonderful because it's very good for you. But even if you don't, make sure you get outdoors and do very active things. 


Christina said...

Were you very good at kicking the ball Nana Greta?


P.S Still lov'en the photos!!!

Christina said...

Hello again- Its me Christina again. I am at my classmate Alasdairs house. I am stuck with a bunch of boys!!!!!! What would you be like if you were with a bunch of boys???


Greta said...

Christina - I'm OK kicking a ball. If I were with a bunch of boys maybe we could play soccer or ping-pong. I grew up with two brothers.

From Nana Greta

Christina A. said...

Wow- you must have been spoiled!!!


jenna said...

nanna greta i have a blog at, are good at kicking the ball?!

Anonymous said...

olá gretinha.
Lindas as paisagens. Gostei do bronze, muito sol? sUCESSO na caminhada, vou lhe acompanhar.
ana cartaxo