Monday, March 23, 2009

Photos from Mississippi

Dear Children -

Here are some photos that I took along the way. Hope you enjoy them. I've put comments under each photo.

What kind of school is this street named for?!

I was very glad to see this sign. Planting new forests will help fight global warming because trees absorb some of the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Trees also help hold water in the ground. Even planting one tree can help so if you have a chance you should plant one. 

There are a lot of pine trees in Mississippi - here they line the road. This is one of the stretches of road I walked along last week.

And look what I found under the trees!

I thought you might like to see the new signs on my gypsy wagon. 

Love, Nana Greta

PS - This morning I answered all the comments on the March 5 posting. 


Christina A. said...

Hi Nana Greta- I asked my mom if I could have a blog and she said yes. The site is So since I have a blog, could you help me on how to follow you on your website?


P.S You could follow my blog to.

Greta said...

Christina - My website doesn't change much from day to day though maybe we'll put up a map that shows my progress along Route 11. All you have to do is go to, and click on the titles in the column at the left to see the 5 different pages.

Christina A. said...

Nana Greta- I went to and i was'nt sure what to do. Which page is it?


P.S I responded to the comment your wrote on my blog and made a new post. Its a surprise!!!

Anonymous said...

Christina - All the pages are about the walk. The first page tells you bout the walk. The second one tells people how to donate. The third shows the map. The fourth tells more about the walk, and the fifth list things for people to do about global waring. The pages are listed on the left - all you have to do is click on them. - Nana Greta

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
I hope you're having fun. I like the signs on your gypsy wagon!!!


Kiara- Ms. Hart'class

Greta said...

Hi Kiara - Mostly I'm having fun. Today it's raining and I hope I can get in a good long walk. Fortunately it's not cold. Thanks, Nana Greta

Christina A. said...

Nana Greta- Im a follower now!!! How i did it was clicked follow, pressed open id and put in my blog, (which you know) and i had to chose a picture. It was my favorite singer Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and did, mostly, what was next. Are you happy Im a follower now?


P.S You can call me Tina

Anonymous said...

Christina - I'm delighted! You're becoming a very savvy blogger, very smart. I like that. - Nana Greta

Anonymous said...

Dear Nana Greta,
What did the new born forest look?Why does the new born forest save water?

Anonymous said...

HI Nana Greta,
Maybe a person was leaving the boat there because he was crazy or he didn't have any room to put the boat.

jenna said...

i like the way you decarated the gypcy wagan!

Paul gennetti said...

could radiationform unkown species P.S this is not a joke. from:Paul to: Nana Greta