Friday, March 27, 2009

Just a little blog today

Dear children -

I'm still in Mississippi. 

Here I am in my shirt that I got made so that people would know what I'm doing as they drive by. Now they don't stop to offer me rides all the time, but sometimes they honk or slow down to tell me they like what I'm doing. 

I always love it when I see animals along the way. These goats were very frisky and curious about me. 

That's all for now since I have to get out and walk some today.

Nana Greta


Christina A. said...

Hi Nana Greta- hope your having fun in Mississippi!!!

- Love, Christina

Anonymous said...

Hi Nana Greta-are those goats harmful?

Tiffany Tortota said...

Dear Greta.
How is the walk doing?

Anonymous said...

Hi it is Jenna agein but this time i'm at home i'm gonna ask you a queston are the goat's harmful

-Jenna Kelley

Greta said...

Hello Tiffany and Jenna -
Goats are not harmful except that they might get ornery and decide to butt you with their horns. Goats are tough and will eat almost anything so they can survive on a small and hilly property. They provide milk from which cheese and even ice cream can be made. And they can provide meat just like sheep and cattle.
Nana Greta

Stephanie said...

I like your shirt. I think that it is great you are making a difference in the world. Thank you so much.

britney said...

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